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The Clean Air Act has generally led to a decrease in the very heavy soiling of the exterior of buildings which was apparent in the early 1950's and 60's. However, carbon deposits from motor vehicles, aeroplanes, power stations and industrial sources should be regularly removed from brick and stone surfaces before erosion and damage is caused.  
Permanens - with more than 90 years of experience - has the expertise to undertake the external cleaning of all external masonry surfaces.  We will assist in the design of the technique for all problems.
Whether by the traditional mason's cleaning or water wash method, the careful use of chemicals on brickwork or by controlled abrasive or blasting cleaning, we can achieve the desired result whether the client wants the facade as clean as possible or a finish more in keeping with the vintage of the building.
What we have found however, is that there is not only one method that will prove to be satisfactory and the entire range of techniques should be carefully considered before a specification is recommended.
The essence of successful cleaning also is with consideration to the occupants of the property as well as passers-by.  Permanens undertakes careful supervision of all our protective measures as well as ensuring that the current Safety Regulations are strictly adhered to.

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